Monday, April 30, 2012

Update number 4

Time sure does fly by.....I can't believe its getting close to the end already. With so much going on at Work and around the House its hard just to keep up with regular shit somtimes. Along with the chop off bike I also did up all fresh a bone stock 1995 1200 sporty. I had to get it ready for the Revenge Run with the Death Science Boys. We had a blast last year and looking forward to this year. I wanted to have my chop off bike ready for the run this year but it looks like its going to have to wait till next round. As far as the bike goes...The Frame is finally ready for powdercoating at LiveWire powdercoating. All the sheet metal is ready to go to the paint shop ( and all the parts I want shiney are going to the Vatos' for plating. You can bet on one thing...I'll be there!

Update number 3

Update Number Three....Decision time....Round or Hex?? High king & queen or solo?? Chrome or Powdercoat?? Well Hex, Solo and Powdercoat it is! I just got my skinny A.E.E. springer parts back from my good friend Jeff Potter, Owner/Operator of Livewire Powdercoating in Wilmington N.C. And I must give credit when credit is due...everytime I pick my stuff up from Jeff it always looks way better than expect my old crusty parts to turn out... Thank You Man... by the way get ready for the frame its on the way... I have a few parts and mounts to make or find before I can get the rest of this stuff down to eirik at to get painted up all flakey and fresh. Thats all for now, The mailmans out in the driveway blowing the horn. I wonder whats here now??

Update number 2

So the game begins...
 I've spent the past 2 weeks sanding my entire set of cases or polishin a turd so to speak. Me and "Ironheads" have had a Love-Hate relationship from the get go...I guess thats why I chose one for my chop off bike. I'm giving this one all I got & This time I will prevail!!! I've picked up alot of cool period parts (ie..8 over AEE springer & mystery wheels???) Also a Killer Painter named Eirik Motz the Owner of Rare Air Werx Kustom Painting and Pinstriping in Wilmington NC...Cant wait to see what he's going to throw down... this things gunna be Hot!! until next time...
I couldnt get this picture to get right! dont break your neck trying to look at it!

Amature chop off update number 1

Number one as it read...
Whats up everybody Im Scott Fauer from Franklinton North Carolina. I'm building a 1972 Ironhead Sportster. The bike was picked up as a basket case in true basket form...three totes full of junk, a frame, a front end,a wheel and a promise to a Bro it would ride again. After getting it all to the shop and sorted out. I found in the totes a s&s carb, cycle electrics charging system and all kinds of other cool old parts...I got plenty of parts its time to start!!  I've been to the Smoke-Out every year since number 4 and this past year I won the Side Car mini bike race on My "Tijuana Taxi" with my Buddy Todd Allen.The Prize was a sweet custom Tank from Faith Forgotten Choppers that will probably end up on the back bone (Thanks Will & Bean're) I got alot of tricks up my sleeve...  STAY TUNED!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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