Monday, April 30, 2012

Update number 2

So the game begins...
 I've spent the past 2 weeks sanding my entire set of cases or polishin a turd so to speak. Me and "Ironheads" have had a Love-Hate relationship from the get go...I guess thats why I chose one for my chop off bike. I'm giving this one all I got & This time I will prevail!!! I've picked up alot of cool period parts (ie..8 over AEE springer & mystery wheels???) Also a Killer Painter named Eirik Motz the Owner of Rare Air Werx Kustom Painting and Pinstriping in Wilmington NC...Cant wait to see what he's going to throw down... this things gunna be Hot!! until next time...
I couldnt get this picture to get right! dont break your neck trying to look at it!

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