Monday, April 30, 2012

Update number 3

Update Number Three....Decision time....Round or Hex?? High king & queen or solo?? Chrome or Powdercoat?? Well Hex, Solo and Powdercoat it is! I just got my skinny A.E.E. springer parts back from my good friend Jeff Potter, Owner/Operator of Livewire Powdercoating in Wilmington N.C. And I must give credit when credit is due...everytime I pick my stuff up from Jeff it always looks way better than expect my old crusty parts to turn out... Thank You Man... by the way get ready for the frame its on the way... I have a few parts and mounts to make or find before I can get the rest of this stuff down to eirik at to get painted up all flakey and fresh. Thats all for now, The mailmans out in the driveway blowing the horn. I wonder whats here now??

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